Well I don’t have much to say for the moment as I want to just get this base put up so that I can see if I am getting the Word press stuff figures out correctly this time.

I had started this well over a year ago and well never did anything with it. Maybe its pointless as well since I have a blogger or 3 that I never did anything with after one or two post.. but this being mine I think I should use it for something.. maybe it is what i need to find the more peaceful existence I would like.. maybe I will become a health guru (you can’t possibly believe that can you?)

Maybe I should share this and make a customer mudslide Mary blog page for here tilt stuff , but I offered the site to her she didn’t seem thrilled, but maybe she will start a blog,.. I am looking forward to figuring out how to ad some vlog to this as well I hope I can !

Well for now I am out, and I promise I will work on this and art and music as well as travel more off of Facebook the death of us all is going to be facebook candy crush and the kids and the damn “videA” games (spoken as Hank Hill) speaking of that GTA 5 is really fun and what a time waster!