The Summer Bucket List
If you are like me, you tend to feel like you should have done something amazing or been somewhere over the summer. It seems like everyone is doing stuff but us and yes, I know, I know summer is nearly over but for us “empty nesters” we don’t really have to rely on the school calendar anymore so I am going to list 15 things I would like to do before…..hmmm whats a good day. October 1st and I am going to try to write about them too. What do you think of that? ūüôā I may or may not kind of cheat since I already know things that are on our calendar. Hopefully Michael will get to participate in some if it coincides with his work schedule.

X1. Go to a drive in movie¬† Went to see the Labor Day Retro Triple feature. ¬†So much fun seeing American graffiti, Indiana Jones and of course Rocky Horror picture show. ¬†Throwing toast and yelling out the lines. ¬†So much fun and we even got home at 3 AM. ¬†That hasn’t happened since I couldn’t tell you when.

X2. Go to the beach/ Make a sandcastle  We had an AHmazing time at Tybee.  The first day the weather was super hot but the rest of the weekend it was perfect.

X3.Go to a concert/see a band ¬†We went to see Cheech and Chong and War. ¬†Super cool to see the band from the 70’s and didn’t even realize they sang half the songs they sang. ¬†We also saw some bands at Arts in the Heart.

4.Ride a roller coaster

5. Go Tubing

X6.Ride on a boat, kayak, canoe We Kayaked down the Canal and had an awesome time even though I tipped over and freaked myself out and the end rowing at lake olmstead was a little strenuous.

X7.Take a bike ride  We rented bikes on Tybee and had the best time riding on the beach.  It was like a roller coaster ride.

8.Visit a museum, zoo, botanical garden or planetarium

9. Make Campfire food for dinner with s’mores for dessert which could tie into the next one

10. Camp out in the tent, a cabin or something outdoorsy. (might need to wait until October for this one depending on the weather.)

11. Go bowling

12. Volunteer

13. Go Mini golfing


15.geocaching-faviconGo geocacheing

What do you think? Am I too overzealous? Do you want to join us on our summer bucket list? Post an item from your bucket list in the comments. Anything the Rich’s must do in the next 60 days? Pick one item that you want to do before the summer is over. I challenge you to get out there and make some memories.

looks like we only accomplished 5 out of the 15 but there are still a few days to go in the month of September.  I am looking forward to making our Fall bucket list.  Some of these can definitely carry over.

TILT 7/24/14

Another week has flown by and I just can’t believe its almost August. ¬†All the stores are full of school supplies and backpacks and I am feeling wistful since this is my first year not getting Michael ready for school. ¬†He is still taking classes and working but its not really a new school year. ¬†ūüôĀ ¬†I know the silly things. ¬†I guess I should be happy that I probably won’t be broke this August for like the first time ever LOL. ¬†I am ready for the weekend although I will probably be working on homework all weekend since I still haven’t received a copy of my midterm yet. ¬†This is starting out as more complaining instead of things I love.


I love that I got to have girls night out again this week.  Laughter and fun is always the best medicne.


I love that I met an old friend for dinner this week also.  It was so nice to catch up.


I love this big funny looking mushroom in my neighbors yard.  It cracks me Up.  I need to go take a picture of it in the morning.  Seriously its giant.


I love my clean closet.  Rich did an awesome job and I finished up my half of the closet.  All of our clothes are clean, hung up and folded and I typically cannot say that on a Thursday and its rare I can say it all.


I love that Rich had last weekend off. ¬†We didn’t do much but we bought new sheets and just went shopping. ¬†I love hanging out with him and doing normal stuff.


I love our new sheets. ¬†I can’t wait to get a new quilt with a tropical theme to match the palm tree sheets.


I love online week at school. ¬†Every 4th week I don’t have to physically go to class but have online assigments instead. ¬†While I like the act of going to the classroom, its nice to have that break every week.


I love karma.


I love feeling appreciated at my job.


I love this song I heard today by Sheryl Crow. ¬†I don’t actually recall ever hearing it before and although I might prefer to go to Mexico, I am perfectly content hanging out with Rich right here at home.


I know this is a short one and a silly one but I got home late tonight and even though I am overly caffeinated, I am ready for bed. ¬†I might write more in the morning. ¬†ūüôā ¬†But I am trying to stay on track.


I love you all.


TILT 7/10/14

This week has been crazy.  Crazy good and crazy busy.  Between company, school and work I have barely had a moment to sit down.  I have truly enjoyed this week but at the same time I am really looking forward to the weekend.  Hope everyone has had a fun week and is ready for the weekend.


I love that Rich has Saturday and Sunday off this weekend.  I wish we had a little more notice but I will take it.  He was in training class this week so worked on his regular day off.  Even if we do nothing it will be nice to be together.


I love that my mom and Aunt came to visit me as well as my cousins from the Greenville area.  It was so nice to have family around and although it felt too short I am glad I had the chance to catch up.


I love that Rich made a brisket.  I think this may have been his first one since we moved here but I could be wrong.  My only wish was that more people had a chance to taste.  His homemade bbq sauce was so delcious too.


I love that I have been so busy it feels like it should still be Monday.  I am hoping that I can finally finish up the project I have been working on all week tomorrow.


I love that Rich is watching Big Brother with me this year.  It is fun to have someone to watch it with.  Michael used to watch it but quit last year.


I love that my hummingbirds are back.  They stopped coming for awhile but now they have come back.


I loved how big and beautiful the moon was on Saturday night.  It is amazing to see so much beauty.


I love finding an awesome radio station on Spotify and hearing old favorites as well as songs I never knew.


I love my super cute black heels.  They are so comfortable and another one of my amazing goodwill specials.


I love you all and hope you have a great weekend.

Forgive me for not writing much.  I am so tired and finally have a little downtime tonight.




Music Production

So I have signed up for a free on-line course on music production at the Berklee college of Music
Course at a Glance
6 weeks of study
6-8 hours of work / week
English subtitles

Sounds like it should be fun. I can use DAWs pretty well, but I really have yet to sit down and dig into them or into the art of production. I tend to do what sounds right to my ear and let’s be honest this can be a great thing but can also be bad and keep any music I have produced from being enjoyed by more than a few friends or like eared persons.
So I hope I can take this on and really move up some levels maybe even get me into gear as I have been pretty lame on the music front doing all listening and not much writing or playing of it .. and its one of my loves, I need it it’s like my religion that art and traveling.

So I want to give a plug to them even though I have yet to start
Coursera empowers people to improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in with education. Coursera

they offer a lot of other studies and from what I can see they are free! and free is good

In other fronts I have decided to keep my Facebook time to a minimum really waste way to much time on this site waiting for the next funny thing, and I would rather watch TV .. Face book addiction is a lot like a kid not wanting to go to bed as they are afraid they are going to miss that great one time when someone comes and gives free candy and toys and has a party where everything they ever wanted was free for the taking .. yeah that’s what its like isn’t it? we scroll and refresh and look some more waiting like a killer ready to pounce on that next great never to see again post .. Laughing about it is maybe the best medicine.

just some ramblings .. also want to work on some story some writing that ones always hard to get started on .. the Sins of our Fathers
~Rich (Distilled1)


7/7 Things I love Thursday (TILT)

Things I love Thursday (TILT)

I love three day weekends.  Last weekend was so much fun hanging out with the neighbors, delicious food, fireworks and fun.  My only wish was that Rich had the day off as well.

I love having coffee and talking.  There is nothing nicer than conversation over a cup of coffee.

I love all the delicious food we have had this week.  Low Country boil, chicken wings, fried green beans, pork fajitas, stir fry, turkey burgers and I can’t remember what else.  Just so much yummy food.

I loved coming home to a cocktail and some jazz.  I love spending nights with Rich when we are both not stressed out.

I love that I did really well on my first Business Law paper.  I was a bit worried but I guess I always am.

I love how quick this week has gone by.  We have been so busy, it’s the end of the day before I know it.

I love getting postcards.  My mom sent me a post card from AZ.  I really think there needs to be more snail mail.

I love that my mom and aunt are going to be here tomorrow.  They are taking a pretty amazing month long trip cross country visiting various relatives and sticking their toes in all the bodies of water they come across.  From Illinois, Colorado, California, Vegas, AZ, TX, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia is next.  I am sure I have missed some states but glad they are taking this opportunity.

I love that my car started again even though I had another issue today.  I think the heat in the afternoon makes it act up but they tested my battery, starter and alternator and everything was fine.

I love that I had people to help me.  Michael had the car so I would have been stranded without the help of my neighbor and coworker.

I love that Michael has done a good job helping around the house this week even while working almost every day.  I like not having to spend my entire weekend doing housework.

I hope everyone has a great day and weekend.

I love you all.


Things I love on the Fourth of July

Things I love on the Fourth of July
July 4, 2014 at 2:32pm
I love the 4th of July like seriously love it. Its summer in a day. Its family, yummy food, friends, swimming, watermelon, staying out late, and just pretty much the best day of the year. I have always loved the 4th of July. When i was younger marching in the parade in girl scout and brownie uniforms, waving flags in red white and blue clothes, or just sitting on the sidelines grabbing up as much candy as my little hands could hold.

Later on our family was typically camping that week at Woodhaven lakes and we would drive to a little town nearby to watch the fireworks. Sitting on a blanket anxiously awaiting the first explosion of light to fill the sky. Practicing our OOOOOHS and AHHHHHS with my dad to make sure we were doing it right, playing at the playground while we waited. Then the beginning of the fireworks started. I remember being entranced from beginning to end and although I anxiously awaited the pop pop pop of the finale I knew that it mean the end and we wouldn’t see fireworks again until next year.

And then there was our house in Batavia. We backed up to the park where the fireworks were shot off so we always had a barbecue. Friends, family, food, and fun all day long and then walking over to the park when it got dark. I just always associate the 4th of July with so much fun.

The first year we were in Georgia was super hard for me. Michael was still in Illinois and we knew no one. We went to a baseball game and they had fireworks afterwards but it was almost harder for me than Christmas. As the years have passed we have had food and fellowship with friends and this year we are going to get together with the neighbors. I am so excited that 4th of July once again is gaining the magic. I am bringing sparklers, water balloons, and bubbles for the kids and made some yummy food. I love making new memories and I love the 4th of July.