TILT 7/24/14

Another week has flown by and I just can’t believe its almost August.  All the stores are full of school supplies and backpacks and I am feeling wistful since this is my first year not getting Michael ready for school.  He is still taking classes and working but its not really a new school year.  🙁  I know the silly things.  I guess I should be happy that I probably won’t be broke this August for like the first time ever LOL.  I am ready for the weekend although I will probably be working on homework all weekend since I still haven’t received a copy of my midterm yet.  This is starting out as more complaining instead of things I love.


I love that I got to have girls night out again this week.  Laughter and fun is always the best medicne.


I love that I met an old friend for dinner this week also.  It was so nice to catch up.


I love this big funny looking mushroom in my neighbors yard.  It cracks me Up.  I need to go take a picture of it in the morning.  Seriously its giant.


I love my clean closet.  Rich did an awesome job and I finished up my half of the closet.  All of our clothes are clean, hung up and folded and I typically cannot say that on a Thursday and its rare I can say it all.


I love that Rich had last weekend off.  We didn’t do much but we bought new sheets and just went shopping.  I love hanging out with him and doing normal stuff.


I love our new sheets.  I can’t wait to get a new quilt with a tropical theme to match the palm tree sheets.


I love online week at school.  Every 4th week I don’t have to physically go to class but have online assigments instead.  While I like the act of going to the classroom, its nice to have that break every week.


I love karma.


I love feeling appreciated at my job.


I love this song I heard today by Sheryl Crow.  I don’t actually recall ever hearing it before and although I might prefer to go to Mexico, I am perfectly content hanging out with Rich right here at home.


I know this is a short one and a silly one but I got home late tonight and even though I am overly caffeinated, I am ready for bed.  I might write more in the morning.  🙂  But I am trying to stay on track.


I love you all.


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