Music Production

So I have signed up for a free on-line course on music production at the Berklee college of Music
Course at a Glance
6 weeks of study
6-8 hours of work / week
English subtitles

Sounds like it should be fun. I can use DAWs pretty well, but I really have yet to sit down and dig into them or into the art of production. I tend to do what sounds right to my ear and let’s be honest this can be a great thing but can also be bad and keep any music I have produced from being enjoyed by more than a few friends or like eared persons.
So I hope I can take this on and really move up some levels maybe even get me into gear as I have been pretty lame on the music front doing all listening and not much writing or playing of it .. and its one of my loves, I need it it’s like my religion that art and traveling.

So I want to give a plug to them even though I have yet to start
Coursera empowers people to improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in with education. Coursera

they offer a lot of other studies and from what I can see they are free! and free is good

In other fronts I have decided to keep my Facebook time to a minimum really waste way to much time on this site waiting for the next funny thing, and I would rather watch TV .. Face book addiction is a lot like a kid not wanting to go to bed as they are afraid they are going to miss that great one time when someone comes and gives free candy and toys and has a party where everything they ever wanted was free for the taking .. yeah that’s what its like isn’t it? we scroll and refresh and look some more waiting like a killer ready to pounce on that next great never to see again post .. Laughing about it is maybe the best medicine.

just some ramblings .. also want to work on some story some writing that ones always hard to get started on .. the Sins of our Fathers
~Rich (Distilled1)


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