Things I love on the Fourth of July

Things I love on the Fourth of July
July 4, 2014 at 2:32pm
I love the 4th of July like seriously love it. Its summer in a day. Its family, yummy food, friends, swimming, watermelon, staying out late, and just pretty much the best day of the year. I have always loved the 4th of July. When i was younger marching in the parade in girl scout and brownie uniforms, waving flags in red white and blue clothes, or just sitting on the sidelines grabbing up as much candy as my little hands could hold.

Later on our family was typically camping that week at Woodhaven lakes and we would drive to a little town nearby to watch the fireworks. Sitting on a blanket anxiously awaiting the first explosion of light to fill the sky. Practicing our OOOOOHS and AHHHHHS with my dad to make sure we were doing it right, playing at the playground while we waited. Then the beginning of the fireworks started. I remember being entranced from beginning to end and although I anxiously awaited the pop pop pop of the finale I knew that it mean the end and we wouldn’t see fireworks again until next year.

And then there was our house in Batavia. We backed up to the park where the fireworks were shot off so we always had a barbecue. Friends, family, food, and fun all day long and then walking over to the park when it got dark. I just always associate the 4th of July with so much fun.

The first year we were in Georgia was super hard for me. Michael was still in Illinois and we knew no one. We went to a baseball game and they had fireworks afterwards but it was almost harder for me than Christmas. As the years have passed we have had food and fellowship with friends and this year we are going to get together with the neighbors. I am so excited that 4th of July once again is gaining the magic. I am bringing sparklers, water balloons, and bubbles for the kids and made some yummy food. I love making new memories and I love the 4th of July.

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