7/7 Things I love Thursday (TILT)

Things I love Thursday (TILT)

I love three day weekends.  Last weekend was so much fun hanging out with the neighbors, delicious food, fireworks and fun.  My only wish was that Rich had the day off as well.

I love having coffee and talking.  There is nothing nicer than conversation over a cup of coffee.

I love all the delicious food we have had this week.  Low Country boil, chicken wings, fried green beans, pork fajitas, stir fry, turkey burgers and I can’t remember what else.  Just so much yummy food.

I loved coming home to a cocktail and some jazz.  I love spending nights with Rich when we are both not stressed out.

I love that I did really well on my first Business Law paper.  I was a bit worried but I guess I always am.

I love how quick this week has gone by.  We have been so busy, it’s the end of the day before I know it.

I love getting postcards.  My mom sent me a post card from AZ.  I really think there needs to be more snail mail.

I love that my mom and aunt are going to be here tomorrow.  They are taking a pretty amazing month long trip cross country visiting various relatives and sticking their toes in all the bodies of water they come across.  From Illinois, Colorado, California, Vegas, AZ, TX, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia is next.  I am sure I have missed some states but glad they are taking this opportunity.

I love that my car started again even though I had another issue today.  I think the heat in the afternoon makes it act up but they tested my battery, starter and alternator and everything was fine.

I love that I had people to help me.  Michael had the car so I would have been stranded without the help of my neighbor and coworker.

I love that Michael has done a good job helping around the house this week even while working almost every day.  I like not having to spend my entire weekend doing housework.

I hope everyone has a great day and weekend.

I love you all.


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