Things I love, The beach version 8-28-14

Can I tell you what an amazing weekend I had?
It was so nice with all that was going on to get away. Nothing is more cleansing and calming than the ocean to me. I really can’t wait until I can live by the sea.

I still don’t know much more about what’s going on with me except I have more tests next week. I figure that is a good sign since it isn’t immediate and so that’s the perspective I am going to take. It’s not always easy when I am lying in bed at night or if I allow myself a few moments to think but I am going to try to not worry until I have something to worry about. This is full circle for me. I lost my job before and I handled it way better this time, if I have something to worry about I am sure I will handle it even better than before.

I want to thank everyone for the notes of encouragement, the texts, the phone calls, and prayers. I know I sound like a broken record but I am amazed by my friends and family. I know I can make it through anything with all of you by my side.

This is however one of the easiest weeks to do Things I love so without further ado I give you Things I love the Beach version.

I love the sound of the waves, the feel of the breeze, and the salty smell in the air, the amazing seafood, and the beauty all around me.

I love waking up early to see the sun peeking up above the ocean and then watching the sunset to see it melt back to where it came.

I love acting like a kid and flying kites, building sandcastles, riding bikes and eating ice cream cones that drip down your face.

I love taking time to read and getting lost in a book and I loved Rob Lowes autobiography way more than I should but like any girl in the 80s I had the hugest crush on him and reading the behind the scenes stuff of the outsiders was so intriguing to me since it is one of my favorite books and my all-time favorite movie.

I love having alone time with Rich to just be us and remember what we love about each other.

I love mimosas in the morning.

I love friends that make you laugh until your sides hurt.

I love dinner and comradery with friends.

I love my friends RV and totally want one.

I love reading to Rich on long trips. I am his book on tape and it makes the time fly by.

I love coming home to supportive texts and knowing that people are thinking about me.

I love love love riding the bike on the beach. (in low tide anyway) The wind was on our back and it felt like we were on a roller coaster, watching the waves crash next to us. It was FANTASTIC!

I love that I got a good amount of exercise this weekend so I didn’t feel guilty about eating whatever I wanted.

I love being able to go to bed and get up whever I want. Although I did go to bed at 7:30 one night and that was bit ridiculous but we did ride our bikes for miles and miles.

I love that I know exactly what and when everything in this class is due. I can work ahead and get assignments done when I have free time and relax when I want.

I love that we are attempting to eat healthy and the food sounds pretty good.

I love that I am starting a new bible study next week and look forward to more insight.

I love my new haircut. Oh my gosh I was so scared to get bangs and it kind of looks like I just let my roots grow out. But it looks amazing if I do say so myself. LOL

I love the coolness in the air in the morning. It is really starting to feel like fall until its 97 in the afternoon.

There is so much in my life to be grateful for and I am a completely different person than I was seven years ago. With God, my friends, and my family I can tackle whatever comes my way and I have no reason to worry.

I love you all and thank you for being a part of my life and making me feel special. I feel so loved.

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