Journal challenge Day 16

Super Sensitive

If you were forced to give up one sense and gain supersensitivity in another which senses would you choose.  Wow a hard question.  I would have to say I would give up smell as much as it saddens me.  I love flowers and plug ins and good smells but I would miss seeing and hearing and tasting and touching too much.  I would like to gain supersensitivity in tasting although I am not sure I would be able to taste without a sense of smell.

3 Gifts Shared

  1. Love
  2. Advice
  3. Hug/Kiss

Daily Journal Challenge Day 13, 14, and 15

September 13

Snark Bombs away

Try your hand at parody or satire- take an article, film, blog post or song you find misguided and use humor to show us how.

I am not sure how to do this, I will definitely have to think about this one.

A gift scented, scrawled, and started

Love my plug ins and scentsy warmers

My blog-so happy to finally be doing it

Bible study on Esther-it is very touching and eye opening

September 14


Grab the nearest book.  Open it and go to the tenth word.  Do a google image search of the word.  Write about what that image brings to mind.

The tenth word was home and the google search brought up tons of pictures of houses, little houses, and big houses.  It made me think that home is relative.  We always say there’s no place like home but where is home to you?  Is it where you live?  Is it where you grew up?  Is it where your mom is?  Is it where your kids are?  It’s just hard to say a specific place/house is home.  I think home is a feeling rather than a place.  I remember when I first moved to Georgia, I was always talking about missing home but now Georgia has become my home and I miss people from where I used to live.  Another cliches saying but one I find to be absolutely true.  Home is where the heart is, so with that being said, anywhere can be home.

Three gifts drawn

A bath

My husband’s art

Blood to show I am still  healthy
September 15,

Sorry I’m busy

Tell us about the one time you should have helped someone but you didn’t.

Ugh, this hurts my heart.  There are many times that I should have helped a person but I didn’t in my past.  I definitely try to not use the “I’m busy” excuse now.  I read something once that you will make time for something that is a priority to you so if you are saying no to someone or not helping them, then I think maybe they are not a priority to you.  You may think they are but if it were your mom or sister or best friend that asked the question that you are saying no to, wouldn’t you find the time to help them?  It is also about setting boundaries.  I am not saying you should say yes and do everything to help everyone because then you will burn out quickly.  I challenge myself to keep a helping spirit and try to do my best when asked for help.

3 gifts paired

My husband and I

Fuzzy socks

Dice to play games with

Things I love thursday—-Is it fall yet? Nope! I am so ready for boots and cooler weather.


This was a week of relief for me. I had mellowed somewhat last week with my worrying but there was still the underlying fear that there was something wrong. I am happy to know that I am still cancer free and am so humbled by all the support from you guys. You are Amazing to me and I am so lucky. Rich and I have been doing new things and making our little adventures this year. We continued that and did something new this weekend. I am enjoying trying new things, stepping out of my comfort zone and feeling like I am enjoying my weekends to the fullest.

I love that we went kayaking this weekend. We are really lucky to have such a nice place to go so nearby. Savanah Rapids is beautiful and kayaking on the canal was breathtaking. I did flip over once and freaked myself out and the paddling at the end in Lake Olmstead was harder than it should have been but just floating odwn the canal, listening to the birds around us, enjoying the beauty of the trees and water and flower and wildlife, There is so much peace in nature and I can feel the calm wash over me. I love that we were active. I mean we mostly floated but we did have to paddle some and it was more active than sitting and watching television or surfing the internet.

I love that I have one more week and I will be done with my third class, just about halfway done. It is going by so quickly and by this time next year I will have accomplished step one of my goal.

I love shopping at goodwill especially when there is a ton of stuff that is perfect for me. I get bored and love getting new clothes and especially new shoes for next to nothing. I got two pairs of super cute boots and some skirts and pretty much a new fall wardrobe J It is so relaxing to search through the racks and find the treasures and to know that I am not spending that much money makes it even better.

I love my new phone, well its really rich’s old phone but its nice to dial a number and it actually rings and the camera on his phone is way better than mine and I have a front facing camera now so woohoo selfies LOL

I love that we have been eating healthy and the food tastes so good. The pork chops and pineapple/cucumber salsa was amazing.

I love that I have been blogging every day, kept up with my bible study and my photo a day. I rock J Usually I am totally off the bandwagon by Day 7 let alone day 11 and I have also done my TILT successfully for the last month.

I love that Rich has been blogging as well. He writes fantastic travel reviews and should be a travel writer. 🙂

I love random surprises from Rich to brighten my day.

I love that we are going to visit our friends in Tennessee and Arts in the heart is coming. Two super fun things. I think this weekend I need to stay home and get all my housework done so I can enjoy the next couple weeks. I still don’t understand how our house can get so messy in such a short amount of time with three grown people in the house.

I love having an opportunity to do stuff for other people or brighten peoples day. I cannot begin to express how much people have done for me and how much they have helped me to stay sane and cheered me up and listened to me so when I get to reciprocate I am overjoyed. IT is always easier to give than to receive. I have heard about if you don’t let others help you, then you are stealing their blessing and I am glad I am better at accepting help than I used to be but still love when I get to be the giver.

I love that I think I have gotten a bit of my style back. It is a different style than it used to be but I have started to put together outfits that I love and get complimented for. A certain person had me doubting myself and everything I put on so it has been nice to get back to me again.

I am looking forward to the next few weekends and love you all. Thank you for being here for me.


Daily Journal challenge Day 12

What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now and your favorite plaything.
I was more often with my nose in a book rather than playing. I didn’t have a lot of toys and I cannot really remember a specific toy. Isn’t that crazy? When you are a kid, the newest, latest greatest toy is al you think about and now 30 some years later I cannot really remember a single toy I played with. I had a stuffed dog named fluffy that I loved but I spent a lot of time out doors and reading. I can tell you the toys I wanted and never got  but had I received them they would probably be in the list of toys I cannot remember. I don’t know whether it had a connection to who I am today but I know books changed my life. They took me to a place that I couldn’t go in the real world and helped me escape all my troubles. They helped me to survive and they were my best friends when I didn’t have any.
3 Gifts in his word
Christ’s death
Christ’s birth

Journal Challenge Day 11

The internet is full of rants. Help tip the balance. Today be simply thankful for something or someone.
I got great news yesterday and that is that I am still cancer free. I am so truly thankful and blessed and one of the lucky ones. I cannot begin to express my thankfulness for this gift. I am also truly thankful for my friends and family. I have the best support system ever. People sending texts, messages, calls notes and just checking to see if I am okay. I am thankful there was nothing to worry about but if there ever was, I know that I would have the village I need to beat it. I am blessed beyond measure and thank god every day for all that I have.
3 Hard Eucharisteo
I am thankful for having a relationship where we can fight and make up and love each other just the same. Sometimes loving just a little more
I am thankful that my son is trying to find his way
I am thankful for a house to live in.

Day 10 Journal Challenge

Education advanced, Love fulfilled, Motherly Love
I am in school and will be finishing next year and then hope to attend the Masters program. Rich and I fall more in love each day and I hope that continues and I hope with love and perseverance, Michael finds his way and starts the journey to his future.
3 gifts moving

Day 9 Journal Challenge

What a twist
Tell us a story — fiction or non-fiction — with a twist we
can’t see coming
I am going to have to think about this one and write more later. I have struggled with this prompt for two days.
3 Gifts framed
My house
My husband’s art
Family pictures

Tybee Island 8/2014

Beachside Getaway Hideaway (via) Tybee Joy Vacations (highly recommended)

Our Extended Weekend Getaway at 19th St. Beach side Hideaway August 22, 2014, started out with a good drive late afternoon on one of the hottest days of the year here in east Central Georgia. It only Got Hotter, but that is ok we were on our way to our relaxation station on Tybee. We arrived later than planned around 6 PM very easy to find if you’re familiar with Tybee, just stay on Butler until it ends on the southern point (Hwy 80/1st St. turns into Butler once you go as far east as you can) your left turn is right before 19th parking /street.

”parking on the grass area right side of drive”

There were guest in the main home, a 1930’s classic southeastern beach home. Who waved and welcomed us from the first floor deck as we quickly unpacked, it was hot and still air never have I been on Tybee with such a calmness not the slightest hint of a breeze! We got the key box on the First attempt opened the door to a wonderful COLD beachy kitchen/living area. Unpacked made a cocktail with the ice that was pre made in the freezer and waiting for us (this is a nice touch). And then off and out to Visit friends at the Campground and Friends out on the strand celebrating birthdays.

Basic Review of 19th St. beach side hideaway :
A wonderful small 1 bedroom, lower level of a classic 1930’s beachfront summer home on Tybee Island. This hideaway is classic vintage beach getaway and the location can’t be beat! You are literally 1 house maybe 50-70 feet off the sand no street to cross just the access right there as the photos suggest. This was perfect for us a couple in our mid years and think it would be great for anyone wanting some privacy right on the beach. The suggestion of a small family, I can see but I am not sure we would want to share with 2 or even one child as it would make for close quarters, but I imagine very doable for a low cost alternative to a hotel room or small condo.
The Beauty of this hideaway to us was the vintage home and the fact that we were pretty hidden form everyone even sitting on the covered deck and people watching as the came pasty and left sun burnt. We really enjoyed the quite of it being so close to the beach and On19th Street parking it was wonderful. The Hideaway is on the southern tip of the island; you can see the “last song” Millers house is across the street if you look hard enough through the trees.

The Unit is well stocked with everything you will need, nothing extravagant, but you’re not coming to cook a gourmet meal here it’s just a beach hideaway something maybe you would see some surfers crashing at. The decor is bright and cheerful and needed being a lower level it is quite dark even at mid-day, but that makes it nice when you need to get out of the hot late summer sun!

For those that do come in late summer August remember that this is Jellyfish season and they will be out, also as we got to see the last days very good chance of high surf and rip tides. With very strong North east winds  hint rent bikes and at low tide work all the way to north shore and ride the wind back to 19th street! What fun you will have.
For a full day by day review and photos of the rental and the Island and more visit the links in this post and check out each photo slider!

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We spent some time with our good friends at Rivers end campground in the “BEAST” their new RV, sadly the shitter was full the main toilet flush pedal thing broke Oh no how that sucks but they are good sports and seemed to not care the place has really nice air conditioned bathrooms they had 4 right across the road each with a shower as well NICE! We will be seeing about staying here in a cold month in a tent or maybe renting a cabin they have a few and a pool!

Rivers End Campground”
From the BEAST, and Rivers End we headed over to our must stop for Pizza and Socializing at the best Pizza joint in the area (it’s not Chicago it’s not NY it’s a Tybee Gem, Huc A Poos!)

My Review on YELP
We had worked Friday Mary a half day I got off at my normal 2:30PM jealous yet? So with the 3 hour drive and a few cocktails along with some great huge slices of pie we were pretty much done in. We headed back to the south end of the island and out home. We had to stop and visit the Birthday Girl Pattie who started our whole trip! We met up with her and the other lovely ladies at Tybee Island Social Club (CHECK IT OUT) we have never been here always want to go but somehow don’t make it, it is a bit pricey and that may be part of it; other times friends don’t seem too keen on the idea. Well we wound up in love as we went back 2 more times or was it 3? Will have some more on that further along, but we just had a quick drink Mary a Lite beer and I had a $9White Russian

It was fantastic but I think they added nutmeg or something maybe it was the rumchada but it was still good (would rather have extra vodka lol) we headed back to the house I made some popcorn for my bed time snack and we pretty much went straight to sleep.
Day 2:
As usual I can’t sleep on vacation unless I stay up all night out having a good time, so I was up first thing this morning and ready to go out and see that daybreak/sun rise. As usual I took way to many photographs I will add many to the gallery here and as well you can find them on my face book and around the we. Some are exceptional some are mediocre and some stink.

Kyaker 18th street beach Tybee Island GA 8/23/2014

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So here we are day 2, I have been up since 4 or 5 AM daybreak wasn’t even until after 6 AM I just don’t want to miss it. Mary did come out with me and that was so nice, as most times I am on my own for the early, early beach walk. We spent some time walking to the pier and up Tybressa street (this is the main “downtown” or commercial strip all little tourist shops and bars and food joints are here along with the strand on the beach.) There of course are many others on Butler and 1st and the Back River but this is that main little Beach area where you can get it all. So we walked up past the closed Docs “Bar” it’s not Docs so I don’t know the door was closed all 4 days , past Wet Willies no breakfast here today they open at 9 am for call a cabs and sex on the beach and whatever hot ales ya. Took a right on Butler.. Do you know where we are headed? – One block north – up Butler the world famous Breakfast club it’s like a CUBS/SOX crosstown game

The Breakfast Club and More Food

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And you must try the homemade sausage and red peppers and eggs it’s very Chicago with a Southern touch of soul YUM! This isn’t the place to go every day in my opinion we love it but it’s more a fun experience over best breakfast, it can get pricey but the portions on the specials that tend to cost more are HUGE.
We are stuffed and have 2 large to go containers for later, walked the 4 blocks back to our Hideaway

19th street Beachside Hideaway


Nap Time? Almost! We gathered some things together, and walked over to the beach. Took a bag and book, some paper to sketch and a couple of the supplied beach chairs (we really need to invest in our own nice ones as these are just the best to chill in the sand or surf.) it was maybe 10 and already heating up. Mary sat up close to the wet sand and I went in took the plunge as the surf was trying to push me out and over, every time I leaned over for shells as they washed by. Got a little sting from a Jelly on my foot, but other than that one and the ones the kids were terrorizing on the Beach and then caring around, didn’t see any more. We spent a good couple hours relaxing until the kids started bringing these Jelly fish and setting them in the water near us I was out and ready for a drink.
Got back took a shower a little relaxing in the AC then on the deck. I’m not sure what we did now… should have written sooner… ah that was it relaxing in the AC for me and Mary went to the Beach with our Friends the Birthday Girl and ladies. When she got back we headed out to meet our other Friends at Tybee Times for Drinks and shots and drinks and more Drinks, and we went for Burgers or food well we went to Spanky’s (never have been here and still have not one of these times its sure nice inside!) it was a 30 plus minute wait and they had empty tables … go figure its Tybee time, well who cares we headed up to Bennys and that was empty and maybe too early for this Joint(great Karaoke here late night) so we continued north on butler to Tybee Island Social club again. But this time for dinner, a Review from me – For apps the Ceviche (I ate fish again I tend to like Ceviche) was fantastic and fresh chips and salsa. We guys had burgers, ½ lb. with Boursin cheese spread, Dijon mustard Bacon organic spring greens, and house made pickle freaking amazing! Added Spanish Patatas as well really good Mary had Fish Tacos of course and liked them but I think she still prefers Fannies ask her, and a lobster roll. And the other Lady had  Check out my YELP review.
We form this point were pretty worn out and took a Golf Car Taxi ride back for the night. $3 per person anywhere on the Island (we were close but it was hot) in for the night early, Blame it on the Tybee Time 190 grain Rum Runner slushes and Fire Ball shots and Tequila and jager Bombs.

Day 3 Coffee and some Drinks early AM. Then out for a walk to see about bikes, We rented 2 cruisers from Tims and rode around and found ourselves at Tybee Social club for the Bluegrass Brunch. Read that YELP review, all I can say is I had the best thing I ever ate! We then rode up to 8th street and proceeded to ride the mid tide hard packed beach

It took all of 10 minutes as the wind was out of the North East at about 50 MPH! It was so much fun.

NE Waves

Back at the 19th street beach and sandbar, there were wind surfers galore. And big birds gliding… well hovering.

We rested a bit and went right on back this time we rode to the Sugar Shack, had some huge dripping Ice Cream cones and went from north beach back home to 19th. Again was the best time riding with the wind at our back and the Ocean churning up 7 foot waves and sand blasting all the burnt beach goers. It was now low tide and we had a lot of room was even able to get into the waves some without sinking and slowing.
Some photos from the trip up and down the beach AJ’s some random sunsets   just more I have to many

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Sunday Night Dinner at Ajs and well to shorten this really long review   we had a blast ask any Questions we will be glad to answer and feel pretty confident in our knowledge of Tybee and things to do on Tybee

Journal Challenge Catchup Day 6, 7 and 8

September 6
Regrets, I’ve had a few
What’s your biggest regret? How would your life have been
different if you’d made another decision?
I have no regrets because I feel like my life wouldn’t be where it is right now if I changed anything. Have I made mistakes in my life? Absolutely. Did I learn from those mistakes? Absolutely. If I were to name what I thought was a regret it would be not going directly to college after high school but would I have done as well as I did? I don’t think so. Others are making some poor decisions in my youth but I feel like I overcame those obstacles and am a more well-rounded person because of it.
3 Gifts Growing
1. Flowers
2. Trees
3. Love
September 7
What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?
Hmmm, probably hot water. I love a nice hot bath or shower. I love my shoes and jewelry too and books. I guess that would be the luxuries I can’t live without. I do find that the simpler my life is the easier it is.
3 Gifts Given
1. Forgiveness
2. Love
3. Concern

September 8
The excitement never ends
Tell us about the last thing you got excited about —
butterflies-in-the-stomach, giggling, can’t-wait excited.
The last thing I got excited about was going to the beach with my husband. I love spending time with him and hearing the waves. It is so nice to spend time alone catching up and appreciating one another. I still love him as much as I did all those years ago probably even more.
A gift made, masked, marveled
My bed
My emotions
At nature

Journal Challenge Day 5

Pick a person, a couple, or a group and imagine what their lives might be like.
I admit it I am a people watcher and I do this ALL the time. Rich and I will sit and make observations about people’s lives passing us by and what we think they are doing, how long they have been together, etc. It is interesting what we think we can know about a person from the outside when in reality we know nothing at all. If people were to observe me from afar and imagine what my life was like, I wonder what they would think. It actually reminds a bit of facebook and how we put out there what we want people to see, (kind of like the outside of us) and people have an idea of what are lives are like but do they really? I know there are worries to overshare and I definitely am guilty of that but with me you know the good, the bad and the ugly. There are some people that only show the best parts of their life and lead you to believe their life is perfect, others are so negative you just wonder how nothing can go right for them and still others you think might need medication. I laugh with my facebook friends, I cry for them, I pray for them. I am glad there is this outlet for people but I have to wonder how much is real and how much is what they want you to believe. Dang I got deep today 

3 Gifts Autumn
1. Fall plug ins, smells, candles, pumpkin 
2. Cooler weather and beautiful colors
3. Halloween