Daily Journal Challenge Day 13, 14, and 15

September 13

Snark Bombs away

Try your hand at parody or satire- take an article, film, blog post or song you find misguided and use humor to show us how.

I am not sure how to do this, I will definitely have to think about this one.

A gift scented, scrawled, and started

Love my plug ins and scentsy warmers

My blog-so happy to finally be doing it

Bible study on Esther-it is very touching and eye opening

September 14


Grab the nearest book.  Open it and go to the tenth word.  Do a google image search of the word.  Write about what that image brings to mind.

The tenth word was home and the google search brought up tons of pictures of houses, little houses, and big houses.  It made me think that home is relative.  We always say there’s no place like home but where is home to you?  Is it where you live?  Is it where you grew up?  Is it where your mom is?  Is it where your kids are?  It’s just hard to say a specific place/house is home.  I think home is a feeling rather than a place.  I remember when I first moved to Georgia, I was always talking about missing home but now Georgia has become my home and I miss people from where I used to live.  Another cliches saying but one I find to be absolutely true.  Home is where the heart is, so with that being said, anywhere can be home.

Three gifts drawn

A bath

My husband’s art

Blood to show I am still  healthy
September 15,

Sorry I’m busy

Tell us about the one time you should have helped someone but you didn’t.

Ugh, this hurts my heart.  There are many times that I should have helped a person but I didn’t in my past.  I definitely try to not use the “I’m busy” excuse now.  I read something once that you will make time for something that is a priority to you so if you are saying no to someone or not helping them, then I think maybe they are not a priority to you.  You may think they are but if it were your mom or sister or best friend that asked the question that you are saying no to, wouldn’t you find the time to help them?  It is also about setting boundaries.  I am not saying you should say yes and do everything to help everyone because then you will burn out quickly.  I challenge myself to keep a helping spirit and try to do my best when asked for help.

3 gifts paired

My husband and I

Fuzzy socks

Dice to play games with

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