Journal Challenge Day 5

Pick a person, a couple, or a group and imagine what their lives might be like.
I admit it I am a people watcher and I do this ALL the time. Rich and I will sit and make observations about people’s lives passing us by and what we think they are doing, how long they have been together, etc. It is interesting what we think we can know about a person from the outside when in reality we know nothing at all. If people were to observe me from afar and imagine what my life was like, I wonder what they would think. It actually reminds a bit of facebook and how we put out there what we want people to see, (kind of like the outside of us) and people have an idea of what are lives are like but do they really? I know there are worries to overshare and I definitely am guilty of that but with me you know the good, the bad and the ugly. There are some people that only show the best parts of their life and lead you to believe their life is perfect, others are so negative you just wonder how nothing can go right for them and still others you think might need medication. I laugh with my facebook friends, I cry for them, I pray for them. I am glad there is this outlet for people but I have to wonder how much is real and how much is what they want you to believe. Dang I got deep today 

3 Gifts Autumn
1. Fall plug ins, smells, candles, pumpkin 
2. Cooler weather and beautiful colors
3. Halloween

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