September 2 Journal Challenge

Do you know the meaning of your name and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your childrens names?

My name is a family name and is four generations. My first name Mary is my grandmas name, my middle name Zoellen is the combination of my great grandma Zoe and my great great grandma Ellen. My mom is also named Mary Zoellen so I am a second of sorts. I am not sure if my name suits me. I remember when I was younger wanting something more exotic like Cassandra Nicolette but Mary is my name and even though its a common name I honestly do not know very many Marys. Isn’t that weird? Our son was named after his two uncles. His first and middle name are there middle names. We went through so many names and wanted something unique but not too unique, in the end we named him Michael which is a pretty common name but I like that he doesn’t go by Mike.

3 Gifts Cut

A new haircut
fresh vegetables

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