Things I love Thursday 9-4-14

Good morning everyone, I am a bit worried this morning but trying not to be. I just keep thinking how stupid I will feel when I find out it’s nothing and I have been wasting energy over the last couple weeks worrying. I will be happy to have some news today either way because then I will know how to move forward. This might be a short one because I am having some struggle focusing but I am afraid if I get bad news I won’t be able to do this later.

I love sudden afternoon rain storms. These happen like clockwork in Augusta in the summer, typically during rush hour LOL. If you have been to Disney or Florida, you know what I mean. The sudden rainstorm in the afternoon that passes as quickly as it comes. I love that it cools the air just in time for me to drive home. Now if it is raining on my way home, that is a different story because then I steam to death 

I love soap. Weird huh. I use body wash and ran out so had to use a bar of soap but there is something about the clean smell of soap lingering on your skin. It reminds me of bath time as a kid and the bar of soap falling into the water and coming out with your whole body smelling like soap. Speaking of which why do little kids hair hold the smell of shampoo so much longer or is it just me? Oh my gosh I am a weirdo.
I love my new phone. Its actually Rich’s new phone but it will be so nice to be able to dial a number and it work right away rather than ten minutes later. I also have so many issues with freezing and don’t even have enough room for many apps. His camera is way cooler than mine too.

I love that I am doing a journaling challenge, a photo challenge, 1000 gifts challenge, and a bible study. It might get a bit overwhelming as the days wear on but for right now I have been keeping up with it. Speaking of which, if you haven’t checked out my blog, that is where I am putting my journal challenge and 1000 gifts. I definitely need some work but first things first I am actually writing a blog. I had to stop editing myself in order to do it because that is the only way my TILT works. It’s just me randomly typing my thoughts with no editing, no grammar, and no rereads.

I love all the prayers, texts, calls, etc. People are amazing. I hope you all have a wonderful day.


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