Things I love thursday—-Is it fall yet? Nope! I am so ready for boots and cooler weather.


This was a week of relief for me. I had mellowed somewhat last week with my worrying but there was still the underlying fear that there was something wrong. I am happy to know that I am still cancer free and am so humbled by all the support from you guys. You are Amazing to me and I am so lucky. Rich and I have been doing new things and making our little adventures this year. We continued that and did something new this weekend. I am enjoying trying new things, stepping out of my comfort zone and feeling like I am enjoying my weekends to the fullest.

I love that we went kayaking this weekend. We are really lucky to have such a nice place to go so nearby. Savanah Rapids is beautiful and kayaking on the canal was breathtaking. I did flip over once and freaked myself out and the paddling at the end in Lake Olmstead was harder than it should have been but just floating odwn the canal, listening to the birds around us, enjoying the beauty of the trees and water and flower and wildlife, There is so much peace in nature and I can feel the calm wash over me. I love that we were active. I mean we mostly floated but we did have to paddle some and it was more active than sitting and watching television or surfing the internet.

I love that I have one more week and I will be done with my third class, just about halfway done. It is going by so quickly and by this time next year I will have accomplished step one of my goal.

I love shopping at goodwill especially when there is a ton of stuff that is perfect for me. I get bored and love getting new clothes and especially new shoes for next to nothing. I got two pairs of super cute boots and some skirts and pretty much a new fall wardrobe J It is so relaxing to search through the racks and find the treasures and to know that I am not spending that much money makes it even better.

I love my new phone, well its really rich’s old phone but its nice to dial a number and it actually rings and the camera on his phone is way better than mine and I have a front facing camera now so woohoo selfies LOL

I love that we have been eating healthy and the food tastes so good. The pork chops and pineapple/cucumber salsa was amazing.

I love that I have been blogging every day, kept up with my bible study and my photo a day. I rock J Usually I am totally off the bandwagon by Day 7 let alone day 11 and I have also done my TILT successfully for the last month.

I love that Rich has been blogging as well. He writes fantastic travel reviews and should be a travel writer. 🙂

I love random surprises from Rich to brighten my day.

I love that we are going to visit our friends in Tennessee and Arts in the heart is coming. Two super fun things. I think this weekend I need to stay home and get all my housework done so I can enjoy the next couple weeks. I still don’t understand how our house can get so messy in such a short amount of time with three grown people in the house.

I love having an opportunity to do stuff for other people or brighten peoples day. I cannot begin to express how much people have done for me and how much they have helped me to stay sane and cheered me up and listened to me so when I get to reciprocate I am overjoyed. IT is always easier to give than to receive. I have heard about if you don’t let others help you, then you are stealing their blessing and I am glad I am better at accepting help than I used to be but still love when I get to be the giver.

I love that I think I have gotten a bit of my style back. It is a different style than it used to be but I have started to put together outfits that I love and get complimented for. A certain person had me doubting myself and everything I put on so it has been nice to get back to me again.

I am looking forward to the next few weekends and love you all. Thank you for being here for me.


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