Merry Christmas

I often wonder why Christmas is so full of memories.  I mean things happen every year but at the holidays it always seems so raw and emotional.


I think it’s because Christmas gives us a point of reference from years past.  Even in the Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge goes from Christmas past, Christmas present and Christmas Future.  My mind is like that every year.  Like we always listened to this song at Christmas, or eat this cookie or do this tradition or tell this story.  We talk about Christmas past while decorating the tree.  Christmas immerses all of the senses.  The smell of Christmas, the sounds of Christmas, the tastes of Christmas and the sights of Christmas.  Pine trees and cookies baking, the holiday ham and smell of candles burning at the candlelight service. Hearing or singing  favorite Christmas carol or the choir from church, laughter of children and jingle bells, Christmas dinner, cookies, egg nog and hot cocoa and the lights around the house and the neighborhood or the blanket of white snow on the ground. 


Its one thing that even though we get older, and things change that is the “same” every year.


I find myself missing home so much at Christmas, missing loved ones who have passed and just the overwhelming sense of melancholy but at the same time I find myself excited for people to open their gifts from me, love sitting in the glow of the Christmas lights listening to Christmas music and just the festive happy feeling at this time of year.  People are a little nicer and a little happier and act with a nature of grace.


I love Christmas and hope I always will.  Some years we have had much, some years we have had little but I never really remember the gifts we got or the feeling of lack. When I have been strong and when I have been weak. I remember the feelings, the love, the family.  The sadness fades but the good feelings live on.  Memories like a video playing over and over in my mind. Sneaking up the driveway at my grandmas to shout Christmas gifts so we were able to catch them by surprise, Hanging out with cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents, Michael singing songs with his sweet little voice at his Christmas pageant, Cartoons and movies we watch each year, a late night visitor of old family friends and the gift of an ice cream comb (a comb shaped like and ice cream, clever right). Years of gift exchanges and karaoke nights with our friends, Christmas parties with my family, driving from one grandparents to the next singing Christmas carols all the way and oohing and ahhing over the lights.  Remembering driving around with Rich when we were first dating to look at Christmas lights, going to church and the feeling of such incredible blessing  and Gods best gift to us.


I know this time of year can be a sad time for some people for all of the reasons I mentioned above but I pray that they will find comfort and peace in the knowing that Jesus was born for us and then died for us.  That gift is the most amazing of all and making new traditions while incorporating old ones is what makes Christmas continue to be my favorite time.


I love you all of my friends and family and am so blessed with the GIFT of you in my life. Even if there were nothing under my tree, I have already been given the best gifts of all.  Merry Christmas.

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