Sunday Independent Band of the Week

Sunday Independent Band of the week

DIE ROBOT is a new band founded by Barbie Saint and Vince Christian, I have never had the pleasure of meeting either in person but have known Barbie for a very long time, she was the first person to welcome me and Empire day to right after had died and killed all the independent artist pages. Barbie was just to cool, and the music their band “The Pop Dolls” had available was just fantastic ( is gone now as well but with places like Facebook, reverb nation sound cloud there are still places for those to get heard, just not the same)

I knew Back then they would do something with their music I think they will only get bigger, they recently in the past few years moved from Florida through the mid west winding up in Portland Oregon ( honestly I don’t know if it was planned or if they let the wind take them, but what ever it was it seems they landed in a place that was good for them they have done so much as I watch from afar.) You could say I am even a little Jealous/But it is their time and I think they will have more to come bigger and better is all I wish for the both of them and the rest of the new Band DIE ROBOT – Humans playing music:

  • Vince Christian: Vocals/Guitar/Songwriter
  • Barbie Saint: Bass/Vocals/Songwriter
  • Mallory Hamilton: Keys/EDrums/Tenor Sax
  • Josh¬†Ketterer: Guitar
  • Angela Johnson: Drums

Recording Collaborators

  • Charles Beasley: Shredding Guitar

*note links in my paragraph will open spotify web player ūüėȬ†

One of the things that initially drew me to this duos music besides the overtly sexual tone of the song¬†Candy Ways¬†¬†(and this may not even be what they were shooting for with the song) .. was that I felt such a kind-ship with the music, it was Rock with some pop in it some punk some new wave, and a lot of Goth/Dark-wave/Industrial sounds. It was very close to what my band was doing as well, do I dare say its underground 80’s retro? ¬†— well I hate to label- I hate genres as you will find if you follow my rants, musings and post on this blog or on my Facebook or Twitter feed.

In Spotify  top hits Order (yes I love Spotify, just hope we can find how to pay the artist a little bit more than they do now)

First Track, it is a new retro sound some of DIE ROBOT has almost a glam metal feel like I am back in LA or Phoenix in 1989-92 –>¬†Effigy¬†but it has such a new wave pop sound as well. I really think this may be my favorite song on this First Recording, and I may add ¬†what a great first track ¬†it really gives you a taste of all the sound this band is going to feed you. but there are sexy surprises at each track change.

The second Track is ¬†slower a little Darker, with a really nice GROOVE to sway to, Devour¬† this song reminds my a bit of a song I heard in Chicago back in the early 90’s¬†by Bodhisattva. I really dig it as I love that SWAY in dark slow music.

not on the¬†EP but DIE ROBOTS first Single –>¬†¬†¬†Move Along¬† is very reminiscent of The Pop Dolls more Pop goes Bang Sound, with a darker feeling, this is another favorite it feels to me like we are being told the feelings of the band to move on and keep pushing ahead, to never stop just keep moving on live the dream and it will shine, that’s my take, that if we stop moving we just lay to waste.. Kind of why I always have been a Tumbleweed never staying in one place to long, we are nomads we are hunter gatherers. and our nature is to move along !

¬†*so I dug into the meaning from the CD Baby page –>Move Along is consider the transition song in between Pop Dolls and Die Robot. When Vince Christian and Barbie Saint finally made it to Portland, this is the first song they recorded back in 2012. It has been always performed live by Die Robot and this is the remastered version! -Move Along Recorded & Mixed at Enfected Records. Mastered by Will Coca at Spare Room Mastering.

Track 4¬†Everything New¬†has a wonderful synth feel but has this wall of distorted guitar driving the rhythm of the song, and Vince has a great tone, it really sounds like this is a “Hey Here We Are we are NEW and so are you, LISTEN to US” kind of song, I may be wrong , and I hear some broken love in there too, but this really seems more like the new beginning to me. think this is my second favorite.. its really got that nice up lifting pop sound with a little darkness in the lyrics.

Track 5  UnHoly One  I fucking LOVE this song !!!  this features Malory  on Sax, and what a sexy sax she blows! the tune has a goth-a-billy feel to it, or a Tito and Tarantula punk vampire goth Texas rock  sound or  a Southwest movie madness a film noir can hear this in any Robert Rodriguez movie, or hell back on Mill ave. Tempe AZ in 1990!    LOVE IT is all I can say


So this is my short and sweet on the EP and an extra single from the band DIE ROBOT.

I really want you to see them check them out, hear them love them, share them and make sure to send them some human love don’t let the ROBOT take over !





UPCOMING SHOWS!!  Thursday, April 30th, 2015 Bossanova Ballroom

722 E Burnside St
Portland, OR 97214
Just did a show opening for¬†ENUFF Z’ NUFF ¬† DIE ROBOT is ready to take on the World! ¬† I hope to hear some tunes on CSI Cyber ¬† send them in Vince and Barbie!¬†
some shots as I like photos
Stay Tuned to a Thursday Throwback and another independent band  review or hey check them out 

I have to say without music I would have been dead a long time ago …

Music, Art and going where the wind takes you is life. 

Don’t try to control life, Dance with her she won’t let you down,¬†

she will plant you where you need to be.  

~R.Rich 2015 The Distilled1


Thursday is Friday : Throwback Thursday, a trip on a rolling dance floor

Thursday is Friday: Throwback Thursday video, a trip on the Rolling Dance floor (yes its a drug reference)

So I want to keep writing and have been thinking all day… I really love to share more independent music and more unknown but sometimes I have to delve deep into my History and my love of music, so that I can share a bit more of me; the me that tics loves hates and lives.  So today My Friends this the 19th day of the year 2015  fucking can’t believe its 2015 and we have no flying cars, where are our fucking flying Jetson’s cars?

the future 1960's and my 1970's Detroit School books!

the future 1960’s and my 1970’s Detroit School books!

Ok So this is Throwback Thursday, and My Thursday is Friday. Tonight I want to share some Humble Pie ūüėČ   and some other old tunes,  so tonight I am sharing a few or more some are you tube links they are old mind you I try to find good HD recordings but well there was no HD in 1968   so to start how about  a cover ? this one done by Jimi Hendrix, its a throwback and goes along kid of with the fantasy of flying cars eh?

Dear Mister Fantasy 8/1968 a Throwback from my birth year!

Now I did say I wanted to offer some Humble Pie tonight, well here is one of my favorites, you know I wish I could get a good video this one is way out of sync but I don’t want to just post this link to a tune like this pic click it for spotify

Humble Pie circa 1971


So here is some Humble pie for you not the Song above that one will take you for 30 Days and put you in the hole with a dirty whore and a rolling dance floor! here are a couple Humble with young Peter and Old Peter to wind up the night.

For Your Love – have you heard this version?

And how about last year 2014 yes he still is amazing and so so underrated

Lines on my face…

this meaning should touch many of my Friends and most definitely those from the Arizona Desert days. Amazing how we have survived, and I hope all.. I know some of us lost all but I saw where you came from its OK to survive

I hope you enjoyed taking a little trip with me, next up will be Sunday Fun-day, I will have something NEW and most likely Independent, I have so many friends that I want to support and shout about so I think we will visit the NW like Jimis home town and some new wave/pop punk indescribable music that is awesome so please follow and share !

Wednesday Rant:Music knows no colors

A blog to read Stumbled upon while looking for something to go with my Music rant of the week, that made me remember.

Detroit Techno: The Electrifying Mojo.

I wanted to share this blog with you as I was looking for some info on Mojo and stumbled upon this Detroit salty street (get it Salty Street – Salty piece of Land /web??) .

You see in the 1980’s when I was a teen in Detroit, The Electrifying Mojo, brought us music that crossed everyone’s “safety” zone. He believed there were no reasons to have black stations and white stations, ¬†or white music black music. ¬†He shared with me every night R&B, Dance and Funk, I may never have heard otherwise and he shared Rock, pop and Punk that my best Friend Brian may never have heard as well (not that friends don’t share music), he did wonderfully bringing those of us together that knew that music was good and funky from all different genres. ¬†Sadly still today the record companies and station owners think different, they believe in that marketing game, and somewhat it may work, but really it just holds us all back as a human race., it keeps us all segregated to a point. ¬†Do you wonder why the recording industry continues to slowly die? maybe because they think they know what type of art/music we should listen to or buy, depending on where we live (Urban/Suburban/Country/Island), or what culture we live in and where our families came¬†from long ago. ¬†I for one think that the recording industry needs to take a look back at Mojo and other genre breaking artist, DJs, Musicians and Thinkers and the world may be a better place.

This really isn’t about race, my rant is to say how stupid it is to say certain music is for one race only, to many people feel tat way, yes we all have different taste, I mean I really do not like Screamo ¬†or death metal but I sure do love ¬†some METAL as well as some smooth SLOW JAM R&B tune. One thing I hope to do with my blog is share a very Diverse taste of music with you, so below please check out this artist you may not know!

I must thank WJLB Detroit, and Mojo for allowing me to grow musically learning to love a little of everything, During the so formative years of a young teen as I try to instill this in my son, and in how I live my life, may the FUNK always be with us, there Ain’t nobody bad like you!

Thursday is Friday Music sharing

Distilled1’s Thursday is Friday Song of the Day

A Detroit institution, a band I didn’t know growing up in Detroit, but one I have more recently become acquainted with in large part because of that devil many in the music industry from labels and bands alike hate – Spotify (and other streaming services) it is a big issue bands not making spit for millions of plays, yeah they deserve to get paid, but how much did they get from terrestrial radio how much did they all get when we made cassette tapes off that radio? I get it I do I am a musician and an artist I would like to get paid properly if my art was streamed 2 million times heck you know a cent or two each time it’s played in full, but at the same time this is really promotion, the industry is much different today there are no payola to spin a new single to sell records because frankly only us audiophiles even buy records and most people don’t buy CDs or other hard goods we may buy a digital copy, but why when it’s at our fingertips 24/7 on smart phones, satellite radio, PC’s, with wi-fi everywhere. Well one thing I can say is I still buy records I love getting a big LP with great artwork, hell I don’t even spin them they are just because, I also buy CDs from independent bands that I have free great MP3’s of given to me and downloaded from the bands and artist, it’s about supporting them it’s about letting them know I like what they are creating. It’s good to me I would have never heard one of the best Bar Bands around without it and mainly most of my music is now found that way. I live in Augusta Georgia and radio here is well very crappy same over and over, and satellite is really not much better its more like a huge CD collection. I digress

So on to The Howling Diablos!
*info from
What:The Howling Diablos rockin, funky, blues jam style is well-known in Detroit, and everywhere they have toured, as a great live music experience.
Genre: Dirt Blues Grease Funk Rock
Johnny Evans – sax/harp
Johnny Bee – drums
MO Hollis – bass
Erik Gustafson – guitar
Tino Gross – vocals

visit their website for a lot more video/music/bio, Enter at my all time favorite band site splash page graphic, just love the ’72 Maverick!
Howling Diablos

Howling Diablos – Listen on Spotify