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A Detroit institution, a band I didn’t know growing up in Detroit, but one I have more recently become acquainted with in large part because of that devil many in the music industry from labels and bands alike hate – Spotify (and other streaming services) it is a big issue bands not making spit for millions of plays, yeah they deserve to get paid, but how much did they get from terrestrial radio how much did they all get when we made cassette tapes off that radio? I get it I do I am a musician and an artist I would like to get paid properly if my art was streamed 2 million times heck you know a cent or two each time it’s played in full, but at the same time this is really promotion, the industry is much different today there are no payola to spin a new single to sell records because frankly only us audiophiles even buy records and most people don’t buy CDs or other hard goods we may buy a digital copy, but why when it’s at our fingertips 24/7 on smart phones, satellite radio, PC’s, with wi-fi everywhere. Well one thing I can say is I still buy records I love getting a big LP with great artwork, hell I don’t even spin them they are just because, I also buy CDs from independent bands that I have free great MP3’s of given to me and downloaded from the bands and artist, it’s about supporting them it’s about letting them know I like what they are creating. It’s good to me I would have never heard one of the best Bar Bands around without it and mainly most of my music is now found that way. I live in Augusta Georgia and radio here is well very crappy same over and over, and satellite is really not much better its more like a huge CD collection. I digress

So on to The Howling Diablos!
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What:The Howling Diablos rockin, funky, blues jam style is well-known in Detroit, and everywhere they have toured, as a great live music experience.
Genre: Dirt Blues Grease Funk Rock
Johnny Evans – sax/harp
Johnny Bee – drums
MO Hollis – bass
Erik Gustafson – guitar
Tino Gross – vocals

visit their website for a lot more video/music/bio, Enter at my all time favorite band site splash page graphic, just love the ’72 Maverick!
Howling Diablos

Howling Diablos – Listen on Spotify

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