Thursday is Friday : Throwback Thursday, a trip on a rolling dance floor

Thursday is Friday: Throwback Thursday video, a trip on the Rolling Dance floor (yes its a drug reference)

So I want to keep writing and have been thinking all day… I really love to share more independent music and more unknown but sometimes I have to delve deep into my History and my love of music, so that I can share a bit more of me; the me that tics loves hates and lives.  So today My Friends this the 19th day of the year 2015  fucking can’t believe its 2015 and we have no flying cars, where are our fucking flying Jetson’s cars?

the future 1960's and my 1970's Detroit School books!

the future 1960’s and my 1970’s Detroit School books!

Ok So this is Throwback Thursday, and My Thursday is Friday. Tonight I want to share some Humble Pie 😉   and some other old tunes,  so tonight I am sharing a few or more some are you tube links they are old mind you I try to find good HD recordings but well there was no HD in 1968   so to start how about  a cover ? this one done by Jimi Hendrix, its a throwback and goes along kid of with the fantasy of flying cars eh?

Dear Mister Fantasy 8/1968 a Throwback from my birth year!

Now I did say I wanted to offer some Humble Pie tonight, well here is one of my favorites, you know I wish I could get a good video this one is way out of sync but I don’t want to just post this link to a tune like this pic click it for spotify

Humble Pie circa 1971


So here is some Humble pie for you not the Song above that one will take you for 30 Days and put you in the hole with a dirty whore and a rolling dance floor! here are a couple Humble with young Peter and Old Peter to wind up the night.

For Your Love – have you heard this version?

And how about last year 2014 yes he still is amazing and so so underrated

Lines on my face…

this meaning should touch many of my Friends and most definitely those from the Arizona Desert days. Amazing how we have survived, and I hope all.. I know some of us lost all but I saw where you came from its OK to survive

I hope you enjoyed taking a little trip with me, next up will be Sunday Fun-day, I will have something NEW and most likely Independent, I have so many friends that I want to support and shout about so I think we will visit the NW like Jimis home town and some new wave/pop punk indescribable music that is awesome so please follow and share !

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