Wednesday Rant:Music knows no colors

A blog to read Stumbled upon while looking for something to go with my Music rant of the week, that made me remember.

Detroit Techno: The Electrifying Mojo.

I wanted to share this blog with you as I was looking for some info on Mojo and stumbled upon this Detroit salty street (get it Salty Street – Salty piece of Land /web??) .

You see in the 1980’s when I was a teen in Detroit, The Electrifying Mojo, brought us music that crossed everyone’s “safety” zone. He believed there were no reasons to have black stations and white stations,  or white music black music.  He shared with me every night R&B, Dance and Funk, I may never have heard otherwise and he shared Rock, pop and Punk that my best Friend Brian may never have heard as well (not that friends don’t share music), he did wonderfully bringing those of us together that knew that music was good and funky from all different genres.  Sadly still today the record companies and station owners think different, they believe in that marketing game, and somewhat it may work, but really it just holds us all back as a human race., it keeps us all segregated to a point.  Do you wonder why the recording industry continues to slowly die? maybe because they think they know what type of art/music we should listen to or buy, depending on where we live (Urban/Suburban/Country/Island), or what culture we live in and where our families came from long ago.  I for one think that the recording industry needs to take a look back at Mojo and other genre breaking artist, DJs, Musicians and Thinkers and the world may be a better place.

This really isn’t about race, my rant is to say how stupid it is to say certain music is for one race only, to many people feel tat way, yes we all have different taste, I mean I really do not like Screamo  or death metal but I sure do love  some METAL as well as some smooth SLOW JAM R&B tune. One thing I hope to do with my blog is share a very Diverse taste of music with you, so below please check out this artist you may not know!

I must thank WJLB Detroit, and Mojo for allowing me to grow musically learning to love a little of everything, During the so formative years of a young teen as I try to instill this in my son, and in how I live my life, may the FUNK always be with us, there Ain’t nobody bad like you!

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