Valentines Weekend

When you have been married as long as Rich and I have, you can assume that valentines could be a little humdrum. We have been together for almost 30 years. Some break ups, issues, ups and downs but holy cow almost 30 years. Wait, I am not even 30 years old so how could I be with one person that long?

This was one of our best valentines ever. We didn’t do anything spectacular and it didn’t have the pomp and circumstance of other V-Days but it was perfect.
We started the night at the grocery store of all places buying the necessary ingredients for our dinner and then came home to concoct the deliciousness. We were listening to some jazz, chatting, laughing, drinking and cooking together (well I helped a little) We then had a super delicious meal that can’t be beat and settled in to watch a movie.

The part that made the night so perfect is Rich grabbed a sleeping bag and laid it on the living room floor. This sweet gesture was the icing on my cake and then we had yummy make your own ice cream sundaes.

Today we went shopping and had brunch and drinks. The simple things in life make me so happy and that is where we are in life. It doesn’t take some grand gesture or a ton of money to make me happy. I just like it that he cares about me and how I feel. Enjoy your love and the effort they make. They are doing the best they can. <3

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