Quarantine Musings by Mary

Today was a good day.

Some of the days have not been quite as good and for me I always try to find the bright side in everything and I can never understand why I am feeling less than Pollyanna.

I read some really cool resources yesterday and everything I listened to and read today all seemed to help make me feel better…….about not feeling better.

Friends, we have never been though anything like this….ever. So what we are feeling as we don’t do all the productive things or can’t seem to feel or act normal is perfectly healthy and normal. We don’t know how to react in this situation because we have never been in this situation.

Brene Brown’s podcast this week was really cool. She gave a bunch of coping skills but also she said something so profound to me. Usually when we are in crisis, our adrenaline and all our faculties ramp up to deal with the crisis and then afterwards we deal with the emotions. We don’t know when this is going to end so we can deal and we have all been at the high peak of stress and anxiety for weeks, some for months. I can’t do it justice but would highly recommend listening to it.

My bible study this morning from Bob Goff’s Live in grace, Walk in love was speaking directly to me. God finds the way to get through my chaos and give me peace if I open my eyes and heart long enough to listen.

Some of the words that took my breath away from my bible study were:

“We don’t feel the dull ache of boredom because we don’t have options. We feel the ache because we’ve forgotten the magic in everyday moments.”

Woah….we have endless options available to us only one of which is not seeing people physically. We can do video chats or phone calls or texts or a myriad of other ways of connecting. This is uncomfortable for sure but we really do have so many things to occupy our time if we take a moment and look.

And then next…..

God put us on a playground with billions of people to hang out with. He told us we could be a part of His plan to make every person feel seen and celebrated. He gave us cotton candy and Ferris wheels, pianos and people who make music. He gave us imaginations so we could dream things no one’s ever done and a sense of humor so we’d find delight in everything.

We can make everyone feel seen and celebrated. We are all doing the best we can and I know I am guilty of pointing fingers myself but everyone is really just trying to make it through in this uncertain time. We can create and dream and love and celebrate and use our imaginations to connect with one another. Think about families separated from one another or long distance relationships. People get creative with connection and we can too.

The other bible study I do every morning is the chronological reading of the New Testament. I am a little behind but it was the perfect lesson for me today with my favorite verse in the bible. I read all of Philippians

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation by prayer and petitions, with thanksgiving present your requests to God and the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

Lastly my daily affirmation was from Louise Hay: I feel safe in the rhythm and flow of ever-changing life.

This situation is changing every day and hopefully we can be on the other side of it sooner rather than later but for now we just need to be patient with others, be patient with ourselves and try to make the best of a crazy situation. It is okay to be upset that you are missing out on things, it is okay to be sad and angry and scared. Just allow yourself to feel the feelings and know that it will continue to change.

I did also listen to a pretty cool podcast from Jen Hatmaker talking to Pete the Planner. He said some cool stuff about our finances and how to make it through. One thing that stuck out was something he mentioned from The Wall Street Journal how one person’s spending is another person’s income. Now it isn’t that I didn’t know that but hearing it stated like that really put it in perspective. He gave some advice about saving some of the money we typically would spend on random junk and using it to surge the economy when we come out on the other end of this.

I also started the #Next90Challenge with Rachel Hollis. Her lesson was all about perspective and excited to be back on track with doing exercise, water, eating well, gratitude and time for myself.


Stay safe and healthy everyone and keep social distancing so I can give you a giant hug soon unless of course you aren’t a hugger. I am going to put some links in the comments of some of the things that are helping me through this. This is how I stay sane and try to keep myself from imploding during this time of uncertainty. Hopefully I can be of some inspiration to you all too.

Things I love Today

I missed a couple weeks of this and I hate that
I had been really doing well with my TILT and then I missed last week and then the week after. Honestly, last week I missed many things. I finally hit a brick wall. I had been working working super hard, playing playing super hard and then BAM last week it just hit me. I was so tired and I didn’t want to be anything to anyone or do anything. That isn’t really like me.
I have learned a great deal about introverts and extroverts over the years and typically I get energized by being around people and socializing but the way I felt last week was very introverted in a way as I just wanted to be alone, in the quiet and recharge. But last week…..I just COULDN”T do it.
I had made plans with a couple people and had to cancel and I had no motivation to do anything. The only time I do get like that is usually only when something really devastating has happened and then I have to take a couple of days to soothe myself so I can jump back up and move to the next step but nothing like that had happened last week and all I wanted to do was crawl in my bed at the end of the day and not talk or clean or do anything but binge watch crappy tv that keeps my mind numb. I had so much to do to get ready for my sister and brother in law but I decided it will all work itself out in the end and we will figure it out as we go.
Thankfully Michael has put in the time to get stuff done and will continue to do so this weekend and hopefully things will be ready when they get here in 9 days. Anyway I am back on track and feeling more like myself this week. I am back on track with my morning bible study and workout. Eating healthily and getting stuff done at work.
I love the feeling of being accomplished and starting my day with exercise for my mind, body and soul is always something I love.
I love people. I really do. I like conversations and perspectives and laughing so hard your face and stomach hurts and just feeling their nearness and comforting and being comforted. We are such complex creatures and sans some of the drama that comes with relationships, I really just love these friendships and people that I have in my life.
I love our travels. We have been from the beach to the mountains to the desert to the woods and everywhere in between. Last weekend was one of our last travel weekends for a while. We have a bunch of stuff coming up locally and honestly I am not sure if my budget or schedule can handle any more trips for a minute. I am certain our wanderlust spirit will kick in and we will find somewhere to go but our next “scheduled” trip is our cruise in November. We do have some of my very favorite local things coming up. Arts in the Heart, Miracle Mile Walk and some new fundraiser/festivals this year. I also am looking forward to seeing one of Michael’s MTW alumni in a dinner theater show at Ft. Gordon. Although we will be home, we will still be very busy and my sister and brother in law will be here too.
i love houseboats and honestly I will have one soon. I love karaoke and it was so much fun to sing to an audience as much as I suck and I love dancing oh my gosh do I love dancing. I never get to dance in public anymore because I am old and don’t go to clubs or weddings or wherever it is that you dance besides your living room and this weekend I got to dance on a houseboat in the middle of the lake.
I love our new book for book club and I SWEAR you will love it too. I pre-ordered it and bookclub had read her previous book but even OPRAH picked it. Love Warrior is hitting all my broken spots so far and hope I get to the healing. A ton of expectations and disappointments.
I love how protective Rich is of me. I think he always wanted to protect me and I wouldn’t let him but he really tries so hard to take care of me. I need to be a little less feminist…independent…not sure what but let him take care of me. I am strong but I don’t need to prove that every second.
I love that I got to step out of my comfort zone this week and do something that scared me. Do the things that scare you.
I really love you all so much and super excited that my sister will be here but have to honestly say that it has been super hard to not have people in my village to go to this last week. I miss you friends.

Valentines Weekend

When you have been married as long as Rich and I have, you can assume that valentines could be a little humdrum. We have been together for almost 30 years. Some break ups, issues, ups and downs but holy cow almost 30 years. Wait, I am not even 30 years old so how could I be with one person that long?

This was one of our best valentines ever. We didn’t do anything spectacular and it didn’t have the pomp and circumstance of other V-Days but it was perfect.
We started the night at the grocery store of all places buying the necessary ingredients for our dinner and then came home to concoct the deliciousness. We were listening to some jazz, chatting, laughing, drinking and cooking together (well I helped a little) We then had a super delicious meal that can’t be beat and settled in to watch a movie.

The part that made the night so perfect is Rich grabbed a sleeping bag and laid it on the living room floor. This sweet gesture was the icing on my cake and then we had yummy make your own ice cream sundaes.

Today we went shopping and had brunch and drinks. The simple things in life make me so happy and that is where we are in life. It doesn’t take some grand gesture or a ton of money to make me happy. I just like it that he cares about me and how I feel. Enjoy your love and the effort they make. They are doing the best they can. <3

Things I love 02-13-16

I would like to start by giving a little background for this week.  I gave up Facebook for Lent and really did not realize what a struggle it would really be.  The fact that I have gotten used to sharing every moment of my life with friends, strangers, and family is eye opening.

Do not get me wrong, I definitely think some of what I do on Facebook is good.  I have inspired people, helped them through difficult times, and inspired myself and helped myself through difficult times.  When I moved here from Illinois and Rich worked nights and Michael was not here yet, it was my saving grace.  It was then I think I realized the real power of this little social media tool.  It had the ability to make me feel connected when I was so far away from everything and everyone I knew and loved.

I made the choice to give it up for Lent after praying to know God more.  In order to be closer to God I need to remove some of the obstacles and morning Facebook time has been replaced with devotions, evening Facebook time has been replaced with prayers and I feel good but it still is really hard.

A friend of mine has something very sad going on in her life.  My first thought was I want to ask for prayers for her.  How can I do that if I am not on Facebook?  I am pretty sure that the people of the old testament did not have Facebook in order to initiate prayers so that is a pretty naive thought but that is what my world has come to.

I love the act of sacrificing something for Lent.  This practice in the past has been somewhat precursory on my part and I think I gave up chocolate for 3 out of 5 years but when you actually pray and listen and get an answer, it really is so intense.

I love sharing time with friends.  Tuesday book club was small this week but it was perfect.  The conversation was deep and company was fantastic and I cannot stop thinking about the Brie and Fig Jam that one of my friends brought.  You must try it if you never have like me.

I love when plans get derailed and you end up having more fun than you probably would have in the first place.

I love surprises.  That shouldn’t surprise anyone if you know me.  Our new boss did something so sweet for us at work on Friday.  It was just some valentines treats and decorations but it made my morning.

I love spending time with my coworkers in a less formal setting and getting to know them a little better.

I love that we are going car shopping this weekend.  I am so happy to be getting a new car.

I love having more time with myself and with God.  The world today is so overwhelming with constant noise.  By giving up facebook I can feel the quiet restored to my body and mind.

I love soup weather but it can warm up anytime.  We had gumbo and chili this week and it was perfect for the weather.

I hope that you all have a great week.  Happy Valentines Day!  Remember you are loved.

I love you.


Thursday is Friday : Throwback Thursday, a trip on a rolling dance floor

Thursday is Friday: Throwback Thursday video, a trip on the Rolling Dance floor (yes its a drug reference)

So I want to keep writing and have been thinking all day… I really love to share more independent music and more unknown but sometimes I have to delve deep into my History and my love of music, so that I can share a bit more of me; the me that tics loves hates and lives.  So today My Friends this the 19th day of the year 2015  fucking can’t believe its 2015 and we have no flying cars, where are our fucking flying Jetson’s cars?

the future 1960's and my 1970's Detroit School books!

the future 1960’s and my 1970’s Detroit School books!

Ok So this is Throwback Thursday, and My Thursday is Friday. Tonight I want to share some Humble Pie 😉   and some other old tunes,  so tonight I am sharing a few or more some are you tube links they are old mind you I try to find good HD recordings but well there was no HD in 1968   so to start how about  a cover ? this one done by Jimi Hendrix, its a throwback and goes along kid of with the fantasy of flying cars eh?

Dear Mister Fantasy 8/1968 a Throwback from my birth year!

Now I did say I wanted to offer some Humble Pie tonight, well here is one of my favorites, you know I wish I could get a good video this one is way out of sync but I don’t want to just post this link to a tune like this pic click it for spotify

Humble Pie circa 1971


So here is some Humble pie for you not the Song above that one will take you for 30 Days and put you in the hole with a dirty whore and a rolling dance floor! here are a couple Humble with young Peter and Old Peter to wind up the night.

For Your Love – have you heard this version?

And how about last year 2014 yes he still is amazing and so so underrated

Lines on my face…

this meaning should touch many of my Friends and most definitely those from the Arizona Desert days. Amazing how we have survived, and I hope all.. I know some of us lost all but I saw where you came from its OK to survive

I hope you enjoyed taking a little trip with me, next up will be Sunday Fun-day, I will have something NEW and most likely Independent, I have so many friends that I want to support and shout about so I think we will visit the NW like Jimis home town and some new wave/pop punk indescribable music that is awesome so please follow and share !

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!  Let’s make 2015 better than the year before.  That’s all we can hope right, that each year will get a little better.  And better is relative.  I know even when I have had hard years, once I put a little space between myself and that time frame I can begin to see the blessings I was so oblivious to before.  Like shiny diamonds in amongst the pebbles peeking out and shedding light on lessons learned.  I will have little ah ha moments or God moments where I am like oh that’s why I went through that or that’s why that person came into my life or that’s why that person left my life.  No regrets, just lessons.  Each moment learning more than the moment before.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some lessons I wish I would have learned the first or second or even third time but every single second has meaning in this life we happen to be living.  God makes ALL THINGS work together for our good.


I am going to take this time to look back on my 2014 goals and see how I did and make some goals for 2015.   Overall I can’t believe how much I grew in 2014.  In my faith, in my intellect and unfortunately in my body.  LOL


In case my New Year’s resolutions are not the top of your mind LOL, let me remind you what they were.

Read more (24 Books (2 per month))

  • I did read more.  I am pretty sure I did not make the 24 books total but I read more than I did in 2013 so I will consider this a success

Travel more (12 Trips (1 per month)

  • We did travel more.  We missed a couple months but I am pretty sure we did some sort of trip 10 out of the 12 months.  It was awesome.  I do enjoy a long vacation but it is pretty cool to take a bunch of weekend trips and explore new places.  Some highlights were Tybee (twice)  Jacksonville, Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta, Blue Ridge, and many other little day trips.

Work out more

  • This one was a failure and usually is.  I continue to make the resolution and then quit before January is even over.

Enroll and Start School

  • I did it!  I am just about halfway done and will have my degree in 2015 then on to my MBA
  • Go to church 40 times per year (at least 3/4 time per month)
  • I don’t know if I really made it to church 40 times this year but I know that I went at least a couple times every month.  Some weekends we were out of town and others I just didn’t make it.  No excuses.  I did however listen to probably 70 sermons on top of going to church and took a New Testament and Old Testament class and my relationship with God is better than ever.

Learn how to knit or do something crafty

  • I didn’t do this.  I really still want to be crafty but I don’t think its in my nature.  I guess if you count our Halloween decoration mason jars then I did accomplish this but Rich did most of the work.

Do two bible studies at least 1 month long

  • I completed 10 online bible studies and went to bible study whenever possible at church plus I read two books by Jen Hatmaker, 2 books by Beth Moore, Took a New Testament Class and an Old testament class.  I am closer to Gods word than I ever have been and so many light bulbs have gone off this year.

Have 1 month of bills in savings and decrease debt by 50% more

  • We do not have 1 month of bills but we do have some savings.  I am still working towards this.  We did decrease our debt this year and will continue to make this a priority.

Budget and stick to it

  • Budgeting is always so hard for me.  I love making the graphs and spreadsheets and on paper everything looks fantastic but I just can’t ever seem to make the paper reality.  I am going to keep trying.

Organize and declutter one room per month by working for minimum 15 minutes per day

  • This is another one that I was quite ambitious about at the beginning of the year but faltered as the year went on.  I really need a clean sweep and I seriously want to pare down our belongings.  The less you have, the easier it is to keep clean and I want to bless others.

Watch one television series from beginning to end

  • I watched Scandal up to the new episodes and man that is a fantastic show

Send out one card per month to brighten someone’s day

  • I did not accomplish this.  I did send out more snail mail than usual this year but did not meet the card a month goal.

Pay it forward once a month

  • I was fairly successful with this but could have done better for sure.  I did not actually do it every month but did some good things when the opportunity arose

Start and keep up with a blog (Minimum 12 posts per year)

  • I was jamming along on my blog but I had no readers so I need that instant gratification that Facebook gives me.  I do still double post on Facebook and the blog but I haven’t been the best at keeping up the last couple months.

Spend Less time on the computer

  • I think overall I probably spent less time on the computer in 2014 but that’s just a technicality as I spend my time on the couch with my tablet in hand,  I may be taking a bold move in 2015 if I can get brave enough

Meditate Daily

  • I did meditate more in 2014 but not daily by far.  I did fairly well some months and others I didn’t even think about it.  I did spend almost every morning reading bible passages for my bible studies so I have to say that I would consider this one a success.
  • Be a better wife
  • I don’t think I accomplished this goal.  I have buttons, I push buttons, my tongue is sharp, and my natural response is to fight.  I hope to improve this in the coming year

Argue and yell Less

  • I don’t think I did a great job with this either.  I just can’t seem to turn the other cheek.  When people annoy me I argue.  I have a lot to work on.

Love More

  • I am not sure how you measure loving more but my heart is full.  I have so much love for my family, my friends, the stranger down the street, the little boy in Haiti that is still living in a blue tarp, the millions of girls each day that are sold into sex trafficking, our world is so big and there is so much love to give.  My hope is to put some action behind my heart in 2015

Try something new once a month

  • I think I might have accomplished this without even trying.  Unless you are dead, you are going to experience something new each month.  I think my 2014 self,  wanted it to be more concrete so I am not sure if I can count this as a success.

Journal more ( Write for 15 minutes each day)

  • This another resolution I make every year and start out strong but then falter as the days/months go by.


Overall I think 2014 was a pretty successful year.  The voice in my heart is getting louder so I am excited and scared at what 2015 might bring.  My favorite things from this year:


All of my travels but the trip to Tybee in September was so amazing.  It had the perfect amount of activity and relaxation.  I loved riding bikes down the beach and exploring more of our favorite little beach town.  We ate some amazing food, read some books, painted a little bit, flew kites, sat by the beach, hung out with friends, drank cocktails, shopped, and just were together.  It was a fantastic trip that I hope to repeat in 2015.


Going back to Illinois to see my grandma, sisters, family and friends.  It was so awesome to catch up with old friends and just be.  I love how it feels when you go home.


Going to Nashville in September and going to the boat dock.  Love hanging out with friends that are like family and trying new things.


Going to Jacksonville for our anniversary and hang out with our awesome friends.  I love spending time with them and that weekend was the perfect mix of a little of everything.


Basically all of my trips were fantastic.  I love that we are so lucky to get to travel and even though we didn’t take a “real” vacation all of our little trips added up to the fun that kept on giving all throughout the year.


Having my eyes opened up to so many things in the bible and to Gods word.  I have considered myself a Christian my entire life and have been a fairly active churchgoer for most of my life but I learned so much this year.  It was mind blowing how all of the promises were fulfilled.  All the prophecies in the Old Testament lead to the New and God loves us.  No matter how messy, how much a sinner, no matter how many mistakes or good deeds.  He just loves us.  The moment when I realized that there is nothing I can do or did to earn his love nor is there anything I didn’t do or did that will make him stop loving me.  That is good news and I am so blessed.


Spending time with friends.  Either my neighbors, out of state friends, or weekly girls night out.  I love having a community of people that I can call my own.  Several years back, I had a car situation and I had no one I could call except for Rich.  That was so sad to me to know I had no one to celebrate the good or to help share the burden of the bad.  I can no longer say that.  I have some of the best people that I am grateful to call friends.  Thank you for being in my life and cannot wait to see what 2015 brings.


This is long enough and I haven’t even started with my 2015 goals/resolutions.  I think I will leave that for a different day.  I am considering doing it on my birthday that way I get a month to marinate on some ideas I have and in reality “my” New year doesn’t start until then.

If you have made it this far, I give you alot of credit.  I didn’t mean this to be so long but thank you again for being a part of my life.


Thank you for sharing my 2014!

I love you all.



Merry Christmas

I often wonder why Christmas is so full of memories.  I mean things happen every year but at the holidays it always seems so raw and emotional.


I think it’s because Christmas gives us a point of reference from years past.  Even in the Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge goes from Christmas past, Christmas present and Christmas Future.  My mind is like that every year.  Like we always listened to this song at Christmas, or eat this cookie or do this tradition or tell this story.  We talk about Christmas past while decorating the tree.  Christmas immerses all of the senses.  The smell of Christmas, the sounds of Christmas, the tastes of Christmas and the sights of Christmas.  Pine trees and cookies baking, the holiday ham and smell of candles burning at the candlelight service. Hearing or singing  favorite Christmas carol or the choir from church, laughter of children and jingle bells, Christmas dinner, cookies, egg nog and hot cocoa and the lights around the house and the neighborhood or the blanket of white snow on the ground. 


Its one thing that even though we get older, and things change that is the “same” every year.


I find myself missing home so much at Christmas, missing loved ones who have passed and just the overwhelming sense of melancholy but at the same time I find myself excited for people to open their gifts from me, love sitting in the glow of the Christmas lights listening to Christmas music and just the festive happy feeling at this time of year.  People are a little nicer and a little happier and act with a nature of grace.


I love Christmas and hope I always will.  Some years we have had much, some years we have had little but I never really remember the gifts we got or the feeling of lack. When I have been strong and when I have been weak. I remember the feelings, the love, the family.  The sadness fades but the good feelings live on.  Memories like a video playing over and over in my mind. Sneaking up the driveway at my grandmas to shout Christmas gifts so we were able to catch them by surprise, Hanging out with cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents, Michael singing songs with his sweet little voice at his Christmas pageant, Cartoons and movies we watch each year, a late night visitor of old family friends and the gift of an ice cream comb (a comb shaped like and ice cream, clever right). Years of gift exchanges and karaoke nights with our friends, Christmas parties with my family, driving from one grandparents to the next singing Christmas carols all the way and oohing and ahhing over the lights.  Remembering driving around with Rich when we were first dating to look at Christmas lights, going to church and the feeling of such incredible blessing  and Gods best gift to us.


I know this time of year can be a sad time for some people for all of the reasons I mentioned above but I pray that they will find comfort and peace in the knowing that Jesus was born for us and then died for us.  That gift is the most amazing of all and making new traditions while incorporating old ones is what makes Christmas continue to be my favorite time.


I love you all of my friends and family and am so blessed with the GIFT of you in my life. Even if there were nothing under my tree, I have already been given the best gifts of all.  Merry Christmas.

Adventures with Whole 30

I have currently undertaken one of the biggest challenges of my  life.  I have committed to the Whole 30 plan and wow is it harder than I thought.  For those of you not familiar with the Whole 30 (that was me just last week) it is a program not intended as a diet but more a lifestyle.

The Whole30.com website explains it as this:

“Certain food groups (like sugar, grains, dairy and legumes) could be having a negative impact on your health and fitness without you even realizing it. Are your energy levels inconsistent or non-existent? Do you have aches and pains that can’t be explained by over-use or injury? Are you having a hard time losing weight no matter how hard you try? Do you have some sort of condition (like skin issues, digestive ailments, seasonal allergies or fertility issues) that medication hasn’t helped? These symptoms may be directly related to the foods you eat – even the “healthy” stuff. So how do you know if (and how) these foods are affecting you?”

You heard correctly I will not be eating sugar, dairy, grains or legumes for 30 days.  Those of you that know me know that I struggle with my weight and honestly have been on one diet or another since I was ten years old probably.  I struggle with belly fat and a fairly sedentary lifestyle.  I like to think I eat fairly healthy but will splurge and overeat on occasion.  I love CARBS and chocolate, and cheese.

Since Rich was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and my cancer past and recent scare, decided to do something drastic.  It has been challenging but doable.  You don’t realize how deep your food addictions lie until you try to restrict yourself.

On October 1, 2014, I started my first Whole 30.  I hadn’t been to the grocery store yet and that was a definite struggle.

Day 1 I ate 3 apples, an orange, a piece of chicken, some lettuce and a salad.  Needless to say I was starving and was not sure I could even accomplish this.  According to fitness pal I only consumed 743 calories that day.  The biggest struggle I found was drinking my coffee without cream and finding Whole 30 compliant foods already in my house.

Day 2 I was still unprepared and had not been to the store.  I ate apples and oranges again, chicken and salad for lunch and meatloaf for dinner.  I did have a tremendous success this day because I went out for my weekly girls night out and consumed only water and carrots and celery.  I really wanted a beer and a piece of pizza but I made it through.  I did feel fuller this day because of the meatloaf for dinner but I still did not have any vegetables.

Day 3 I stopped at the store on my way to work and bought some peapods, baby carrots, almonds, pineapple and watermelon.  I had also brought my meatloaf from home.  I was satisfied all day but felt like I ate nonstop all day.   I went grocery shopping on the way home from work and got a bunch of items for our menu for the week.  I made salmon in coconut oil and a big salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and rice wine v vinaigrette.  I really wanted a drink this day.  Friday is usually a glass of wine or two but the salmon was delicious and I learned I love coconut oil.

Day 4 The hardest day by far.  I was home all day and I didn’t realize how much I associate boredom with eating.  I had a scrambled egg, blueberries, strawberries and pineapple for breakfast.  I had a salad with the rice wine/olive oil vinaigrette for lunch and coffee marinated pork chop with arugula salad for dinner.  I ate really well and didn’t feel hungry per se but felt like I was missing something.

Day 5 So far so good.  I had a banana and pork chop for breakfast and I am making a shrimp salad with avocado and lime for lunch and we are going to have some delicious chili.  I hope this gets easier as time goes on but I really miss cheese, and bread, and pasta, and wine J  Today wasn’t too bad and I found that if I am prepared it is a lot easier.





Journal challenge Day 16

Super Sensitive

If you were forced to give up one sense and gain supersensitivity in another which senses would you choose.  Wow a hard question.  I would have to say I would give up smell as much as it saddens me.  I love flowers and plug ins and good smells but I would miss seeing and hearing and tasting and touching too much.  I would like to gain supersensitivity in tasting although I am not sure I would be able to taste without a sense of smell.

3 Gifts Shared

  1. Love
  2. Advice
  3. Hug/Kiss

Daily Journal Challenge Day 13, 14, and 15

September 13

Snark Bombs away

Try your hand at parody or satire- take an article, film, blog post or song you find misguided and use humor to show us how.

I am not sure how to do this, I will definitely have to think about this one.

A gift scented, scrawled, and started

Love my plug ins and scentsy warmers

My blog-so happy to finally be doing it

Bible study on Esther-it is very touching and eye opening

September 14


Grab the nearest book.  Open it and go to the tenth word.  Do a google image search of the word.  Write about what that image brings to mind.

The tenth word was home and the google search brought up tons of pictures of houses, little houses, and big houses.  It made me think that home is relative.  We always say there’s no place like home but where is home to you?  Is it where you live?  Is it where you grew up?  Is it where your mom is?  Is it where your kids are?  It’s just hard to say a specific place/house is home.  I think home is a feeling rather than a place.  I remember when I first moved to Georgia, I was always talking about missing home but now Georgia has become my home and I miss people from where I used to live.  Another cliches saying but one I find to be absolutely true.  Home is where the heart is, so with that being said, anywhere can be home.

Three gifts drawn

A bath

My husband’s art

Blood to show I am still  healthy
September 15,

Sorry I’m busy

Tell us about the one time you should have helped someone but you didn’t.

Ugh, this hurts my heart.  There are many times that I should have helped a person but I didn’t in my past.  I definitely try to not use the “I’m busy” excuse now.  I read something once that you will make time for something that is a priority to you so if you are saying no to someone or not helping them, then I think maybe they are not a priority to you.  You may think they are but if it were your mom or sister or best friend that asked the question that you are saying no to, wouldn’t you find the time to help them?  It is also about setting boundaries.  I am not saying you should say yes and do everything to help everyone because then you will burn out quickly.  I challenge myself to keep a helping spirit and try to do my best when asked for help.

3 gifts paired

My husband and I

Fuzzy socks

Dice to play games with